Brushing Techniques

What is the time taken for proper brushing of one's teeth?

The proper or the right time taken to brush one's teeth lasts for two minutes or 120 seconds.

What is meant by correct brushing techniques?

The correct method involves brushing of the teeth twice a day that prevents tooth loss, gum disease and decay. Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle preferably using a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush with short strokes that are half-tooth-wide that reach the gum line. Use a rolling motion to brush the outer surfaces of the upper and lower teeth. Brush back and forth against the chewing surfaces of the teeth holding the toothbrush in a flat position. Hold the tip of the toothbrush in a vertical position using an up-and-down movement on the inside of the teeth. Use a back-to-front motion with the toothbrush to clean the tongue for fresher breath.

Brushing Techniques

To brush the teeth in the proper way, you must use gentle strokes that reach up to the gum line besides concentrating on the teeth that are hard to reach at the back. Clean the surfaces of the lower and upper teeth, the areas around the crowns of the teeth, any restorations and fillings. Take time to brush the chewing surfaces including the inner surfaces of the teeth and the tongue so that you will have fresh breath.