Smile Makeover

What are the types of people who need a smile makeover?

People who want to make their smile more attractive and brilliant with various cosmetic dentistry procedures are the types of people who need a smile makeover.

What are veneers and why are veneers needed?

Customized according to the person's teeth or tooth, veneers are porcelain laminates which are thin, strong and aesthetic in appearance which are bonded to the front surface of the teeth. People who have gaps, chipped, discoloured or cracked teeth need veneers and the shape of the teeth can be changed with custom veneers making them look and appear brighter, well shaped and better.

Smile Makeover

Known also as an extreme makeover and a great way to look and feel good in a short time, a smile makeover is a customized cosmetic dentistry procedure that may combine many or one of the cosmetic dentistry procedures which would include dental implants, bonding and porcelain veneers that would improve the smile. Patients or clients can also have the option of a mini makeover with only contouring, placing of veneers and whitening.

What are the procedures involved in a smile makeover?

Some of the procedures that are used in a smile makeover are porcelain veneers, bridges, white fillings, tooth whitening, dental implants, metal free fillings, dental bonding, crowns, contouring and tooth whitening.