Children Dentistry

Dentistry for your Child

It is well known that a child’s baby teeth appears at about 6 months of age and stays on till 12 years when all the baby (or milk) teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. The question often asked is, if the baby teeth are to be shed anyway why is it necessary to take care of them at home or by the dentist? Is it not enough to extract them anytime if it becomes necessary because of some problem? Smile Solution Dental is the leading centre for Pediatric Dentistry in Chennai and is home to the best pediatric dentists in Chennai. We provide answers to your child’s dental health needs by nurturing good habits from the very start. We start with the parents to educate them on the importance of caring for baby teeth till they are shed naturally as the growing jaw develops.

How is a pediatric dentist different from other regular or usual dentists?

Dedicating skill, expertise, years of dental study and knowledge, a pediatric dentist takes care of the dental needs of infants, young children and teenagers. Differing from the regular dentists in their role as a pediatric dentist, a pediatric dentist is a specialist who is qualified to handle and channel his/her experience to deal with the dental development and growth of children to meet specialized requirements. With additional years of training to equip themselves with in-depth knowledge of pediatric dentistry, pediatric dentists deal with the medical issues pertaining to children's dental care and impart advice in an educational yet entertaining way where young children can absorb the rules of oral hygiene.